John Reseck Jr.

Born 1935 Los Angeles, California.

Raised on a farm in San Diego County and in the cities of Maywood, Los Angeles and Southgate California.

Went to school at Southgate Junior and Senior High School and graduated in 1953 as the outstanding male student in his class. Graduated from East Los Angeles Junior-College and twice from Long Beach State College with a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in biology and physical science.

John taught at Santa Ana Valley and Santa High School, then at Santa Ana Community College for 30 years. He taught Biology, Marine biology, Oceanography as well as Judo, Self-Defense, Photography, SCUBA diving and other diving classes.

John also taught his specialties of diving and underwater photography in short courses at UCLA, UCI, Texas A&M, University of Hawaii, and Simon Fraser University in Canada.

After retiring from the California schools at age 56, he moved to Washington State and taught Marine biology there. During his retirement. He served 18 years in the Coast Guard Auxiliary reaching a position of Captain and Qualifying Examiner. He also sponsored a kayaking group of over 100 people and did a record setting kayak paddle of 1200 miles in 33.5 days from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. The book, “We Survived Yesterday” tells the story of that adventure.

There was a time in his life when John worked, as he put it, for a company that didn’t exist, and did things that never happened. His government rating during that time was GS 13.

John now lives in Laguna Woods, California, and is continuing his travels, photography, writing, and has an AKA of TOMATEOTS – (The Old Man At The End Of The Street).