Detective Ron Steel of the Seattle police department gets assigned to investigate a suicide that turns into a puzzling murder case that leads him to a new girlfriend/partner and provides insight to the aging process that we all face.

Life According to Grandpa

This book is a series of word snapshots from John Reseck Jr.'s travels and a life full of adventures, from the Antarctic to South America, Africa, Galapagos, Central America, as well as his life on, and in, the ocean.Each story has moments that made John laugh, cry, learn something, and on rare occasions angry, but always reminded him of how wonderful our lives are if we stay positive. It is designed to make the readers feel good and empower them to follow their dreams.


Detached from civilization in double kayaks, paddling nine hours a day and battling raging surf all the way, this 1,200-mile voyage from San Diego, California, to Cabo San Lucas , Mexico, created the same type of excitement as his quest for adventure when he was a member of the first U.S. Biological Team sent to study the Antarctica.

The Cow Blood CaseBook 3

This story finds the Steels on a cruse in their new boat only to end up in a baffling case of missing persons. Is it a kidnapping, an accident, a murder, or a drug deal, and how does the cow get involved? Join them as they search for the truth, and eat fish tacos, made with salmon.

The Invisible Assassins: The Steel MysteriesBook 2

Ron Steel finds himself involved with an assassination case that does not seem to have a solution. All the eyewitnesses agree on the details which he knows are wrong. 

SCUBA Safe and Simple

A look at scuba diving in the 1970s.   Fun to read and experience the history of the sport. Includes information on free-diving, and other watermenship skills not readily available to the divers of today.